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Part 2: 'I'm Trying to Get Home to My Family, Too.'

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Part 2: 'I'm Trying to Get Home to My Family, Too.'

Sebastian, Dyjuan and Tamara reflect on the difficult circumstances of their childhood, while the debate team prepares to face the University of Vermont. Shawnta, Tamika and Tamara make great strides academically, only to discover that BPI keeps raising the bar. Brian and Rodney are accused of breaking prison rules and sent to the solitary housing unit, SHU, their education in serious jeopardy.
S1 E2 Length 56:52 Premiere: 11.25.19

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College Behind Bars

About College Behind Bars

Explore the transformative power of education through the eyes of a dozen incarcerated men and women trying to earn college degrees – and a chance at new beginnings – from one of the country’s most rigorous prison education programs. A film by Lynn Novick.

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Part 2: 'I'm Trying to Get Home to My Family, Too.'

S1 E2 Length 56:52 Premiere Date 11.25.19

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