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Making a Difference

KET programs and services help people improve their lives every day. But you don’t have to take our word for it. On these pages, Kentuckians tell their own compelling and inspiring stories of how KET has helped them achieve goals, become more effective in their own work, or simply get more out of life.

Brad Cowgill

A Unifying Force for Kentucky

“When I say ‘unifying force’, I’m referring to the fact that we’re all in this together — there are public issues that are going to affect us all. These are things that matter. And KET helps us to understand what these things are so we can engage in a dialogue with our neighbors and our representatives and make the process of democracy work effectively to advance the public good.” - Brad Cowgill

Isobel Yates

The First Lady of Volunteering

When Isabel Yates first arrived in Lexington with her family in 1963, it wasn’t long before she rolled up her sleeves and got busy doing what she loves best: volunteering […]

Ben Malphrus

When the Classroom is Outer Space

Ben Malphrus was just 9 years old the night he discovered what he wanted to do with his life. He and his mother had traveled to Savannah, Ga., to take […]

Derrick Ramsey

Creating Opportunities

“From its work with early childhood education to its teacher development and resources for K-12, KET has been the bedrock of education in the Commonwealth.” -- Ky. Secretary of Education and Workforce Development, Derrick Ramsey

David Adkisson

Tending to Business

Kentucky Chamber president says KET provides incredibly valuable information for the state.